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Wood shows a strong juxtaposition between surface and base, always with a heightened sense of formal aesthetic balance. The contrast between the wood surface, with “de-barked” finish on its thick perimeter, and the three iron or glass bases, characterized by an absence of full volumes, create the illusion of a suspended surface, while at the same time express perfect harmony full of originality.

Top finishes:

rovere-naturale.jpg Tranciato di rovere naturale con nodi
 Tranciato di rovere termocotto con nodi

Base finishes:

 Laccato opaco grigio chiaro RAL 7044 (Basamento Rock)
 Ruggine (Basamento Rock / Duke)
 Vetro extra chiaro (Basamento Glossy)

Base size:

Rock base cm 60 x cm 11 h cm 71
Duke base cm 50 x cm 20 h cm 74
Glossy base cm 50 x cm 1,5 h cm 72,5

Top size:

Piano rettangolare scortecciato P8 - cm 100 x cm 180
Piano rettangolare scortecciato P8/10 - cm 100 x cm 200
Piano rettangolare scortecciato P10 - cm 100 x cm 220
Kit allunghe 2 x cm 100 x cm 40 (optional)