ios andorid

An extremely versatile table, Plus perfectly expresses a search for the essential: elegant lines and pure geometric shapes are its distinguishing characteristics. These make it a slim, light table while offering a clear formal solidity. The table top is made from various valued materials making it unique in character.

Structure finishes:

 Laccato opaco 10 gloss grigio chiaro RAL 7044
bianco-opaco.jpg Laccato opaco 10 gloss bianco

Top finishes:

rovere-naturale.jpg Vetro frozen extra white
rovere-naturale.jpg Vetro frozen grigio chiaro
rovere-naturale.jpg Melaminico cemento bianco ghiaccio
rovere-naturale.jpg Melaminico cemento grigio tortora
rovere-naturale.jpg Vetroceramica Fokos terra
rovere-naturale.jpg Vetroceramica Fokos piombo
rovere-naturale.jpg Vetroceramica Pietra di Savoia grigio


Rettangolare cm 80 x cm 130 (+2 x cm 40)
Rettangolare cm 90 x cm 140 (+2 x cm 40)